Tesco Mobile Contact Number

About Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator, meaning that they provide sales and customer service to https://ebaconline.com.br/full-stack-java their own customers but rely on the network of another telecom company. Currently, Tesco Mobile makes use of the O2 network, but if you’re looking for the Tesco Mobile contact number then you’ll want to call the general phone number 0843 504 3655 for Tesco support rather than O2 support. Read on to learn more about getting in touch with Tesco Mobile.

Getting Help with Tesco Mobile

By calling the UK based customer service team, you can get answers to many different questions that you may have. The Tesco Mobile contact number can be used to access or update your account information, ask a question about your service or report a problem with your bill. You can also add additional services to your plan, purchase minutes for your pay-as-you-go phone or upgrade or switch your plan by calling the customer service line. The service line is open daily to assist you, and you can call from your Tesco Mobile phone or a land line.

Reaching the Sales Team

If you’re looking to sign up for a Tesco Mobile plan, you could call the phone number and have your call directed to the appropriate department, but you can also simplify the process by calling a sales phone number directly. If you’re looking for a traditional mobile device plan where you receive an allocated number of minutes, text and data per month, you’ll want to call the Tesco Mobile contact number for sales. If you want to get a pre-pay mobile phone where you pay for minutes up front and then purchase more as you use them, you’ll want to call Pay as You Go Tesco Mobile telephone number at 0843 504 3655.

Reporting a Lost or Stolen Phone

When a mobile device gets lost or stolen, you run the risk of a thief or unscrupulous person using your device and costing you money as a result. Fortunately, the network makes it easy to protect yourself. By calling the Tesco Mobile contact number and reporting your phone lost or stolen, you can rid yourself of the liability for unauthorised charges. The customer service helpline for lost and stolen phones answers 24-hours per day. When you call, your SIM card will be disabled, and you’ll receive a new one in the mail within 3 business days. Outside of normal working hours, your call will be directed to an O2 network team representative who will block your telephone.

Linking Your Clubcard Account

Tesco Mobile offers a perks program for Pay as You Go and Pay Monthly customers. By linking your clubcard, for every £1 that is spent on minutes or monthly service fees, you receive 1 point; however, you are not signed up for the program automatically. To do so, you must register your card by calling the Tesco Mobile contact number at 0843 504 3655. You can also call this phone number to ask customer service questions about your account. Once you have enough points, you can redeem them for things like restaurant gift certificates, airfare, gift cards and more.